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CEO of Arts & Analytics and Precision Marketing Expert


Lee's integrated marketing approach cuts through the cacophony of marketing messaging to deliver rock solid ROI. His efforts have placed him as a leader in strategy and design to some of the world's most highly respected brands.

Lee is frequently known to say, "The difficult is easy but it's the impossible that takes me three days" as he shares and leverages his past 18 years with IBM to influence his marketing strategies. At IBM, his unwavering commitment and passion led him to win every sales award that available, including the coveted Lou Gerstner Award. In reviewing his career Lee strongly believes the key to his success is and will continue to be, his drive to deliver relevant solutions and targeted, yet measured marketing to his customers.

Additionally, he blogs conducts research and writes articles on how to deliver revenue through relevance by the implementation of The Precision Marketing Framework to deliver irrefutable ROI back to the business. Most recently his work has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, PBS, Business Week, and MSNBC. He has moved with his partner from Atlanta to Denver and is currently learning how to live at a higher elevation.

"The difficult is easy but it's the impossible that takes me three days."

-Lee Gallagher


Providing data-driven solutions for performing arts organizations.

Arts & Analytics is a provider of predictive analytics software targeted to meet the needs of the arts and culture industries. Leveraging big data and precision marketing, its software-as-a-service solution P360™ empowers performing arts organizations to strategically attract and retain audiences, as well as obtain donors to ensure venues are able to self-fund.



Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance

Precision Marketing helps break down the perspectives, capabilities and skills necessary to deliver more powerful marketing results. Case studies from companies such as Fiat, Amazon, Tesco, ING and others show how today's leading performers are beginning to recognize, identify and capitalize on many of the concepts of precision marketing to set themselves apart and reach a whole new level of growth.



Lee is an accomplished public speaker.

Lee regularly speaks on a variety of topics related to data-driven marketing.